Pave Them

Remember when Pavement released Brighten the Corners and they wrote the name so it looked like "Pave them"?  That was clever.  I had originally written an overlong piece about my enduring love for Pavement and the millions of associations it triggers.  Suffice it to say that Pavement is special.  Few other bands can waltz up and down their catalog and keep my ear.

It also probably goes without saying that the so-called slacker mentality is of great import to dbd.  You can only give a fuck about so many things.

I bought tickets for the September 21st show in Central Park over a year before the event, which handily beats my now second-place fanboy purchase - Van Halen at the Los Angeles Forum as a pre-teen.  That was a mere six months.

Anyway, I ditched my friends, inched to about 10th row and sheepishly took a couple of videos - Stereo and Grounded.  If you've read the reports, I concur.  The boys never sounded better...

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