Greg: "Anyone want to dictate stories of last night to put on the blog?"
Ryan: "I need a day or two to recover."

The Grey Buried CD release was epic. It was so epic that we need to invent a new word, because "epic" is now worn out. Take a look at joyful Ryan:


Also, there's this:

And this:

As well as this:

There is more to come, I'm sure.

Grey Buried is now on iTunes. We will be in your face again soon.

(Thanks to Kelly Bennett and Chuck Sipperley for documenting.)


hometown show friday 8/27.  grey buried is out and we're happy.  see you there.    


It's Alright Mama

My friend Paula gave me Last Train to Memphis and I can't get out of it.  Prior to these pages I didn't know much about Elvis or how he shook hillbilly music until it became rock and roll. 

The cover shot is Elvis reviewing his recent recording session in NYC, just after he left Sun Records for RCA.  The uncertainty of it all.  21 years old.  

Elvis died 33 years ago today, but I didn't much care until recently...


Grey Buried Release

Record release jam, August 27th at the Savoy in Ypsilanti, MI.  Grey Buried is finally in hand.  Yes, yes, we'd love to see you.


sighted and cited

My tour stamina is off.  Five shows in four days is no haul, yet I was battered.  I concede this with the requisite amount of shame, but it is also a realistic by-product of having rejoined the workforce.  It is also a by-product of my advancing age and the blistering pace that a drunken barn dance tour sets.  

We pushed the DBD less-rehearsal-is-more-aesthetic to the maximum this time, with Jim picking me up from the airport right before our show at the Leroy Street No Bummer Zone. 

Applause to all who came to the shows and the lovely bands who joined us each night.  I hope we are able to transmit even a fraction of the joy we feel when playing, seeing old friends, making movies at indian restaurants, dominating slackjaw, and crashing through the drumkit.  I love playing with this outfit more than I could ever convey privately, much less while inching into the blogosphere...

Here's us at the always awesome Mercury Lounge in NYC after the ticket for a cracked windshield but before the ticket for failure to use a turn signal.


What's a DBD to do?

Just before going on stage in Lansing @ Mac's