mittenfest V (alternatively, for four days i've been drinkin)

we love our ann arbor / ypsi / detroit music family.  its awesomeness has been established again and again, the most recent 15,000 bits of evidence being the dollars raised by Mittenfest, local musicians, fans, and businesses for the Ann Arbor chapter of the 826 Foundation.  

this happened:

drunken barn dance played last.  it was nuts.  i lost my unpracticed voice hours prior to our set.  i meant to protect it, but instead stood too close to the bar or the stage for too long.  we debuted two new songs, one of which i've played solo a couple of times (failing glow) and the other the band conceived in a manner of minutes based on skeletal  ideas (kaizen (MI)).  here's the formula for kaizen (MI): drinks + lots of words + energy = new dbd song.  pretty elementary.  i don't think we're giving up the store by putting that on paper...

we also yanked the wurlie onto stage for the first dbd piano sounds ever.  after seeing the world from stages far and near, we figured the wurlie, bum leg and all, deserved some mittenfest...

here are some videos (thanks to jeremy peters). and thank you for singing along because i think i was singing from my colon by this point...

a winter's tale

we swimmers

here's the DBD setlist:

a failing glow (the hardest truth)*
kaizen (MI)#
the last desperate stand of the last fair man
we swimmers
no love
asshole brother
a winter's tale
ain't no weather fouler
promises end
the real tina turner
evelyn wears a tiara
leaving las vegas, reno, laughlin

*full band debut

our dear friends, thank you for such revelry and dedication to each other...

much love


Mittenfest damage

Unfortunately, I don't believe we have any photos of Carol's glorious crash into my guitar amps, but Ryan displays the evidence...