only the best for DBD

ok...this is a $750 beer served in a squirrel carcass...I got the next round.



shows a comin'

F 7/30 - Detroit, MI - Leroy Street House (contact us for details) - 10pm
S 7/31 - Lansing, MI - Mac's Bar - 6:30pm (EARLY SHOW)
S 7/31 - E. Lansing, MI - (Scene)Metrospace - 10pm (LATER SHOW)
S 8/1 - Philadelphia, PA - the Fire - 7pm
M 8/2 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge - 9:30pm


Northside Fest Show Recap

Thanks to all who checked out the One Sweet Song / Karl Sturk show at Northside Fest.  I missed Ribbons because I collapsed after an all-nighter in Boston the night before, I'm ashamed to say.  DBD played Guilt, Evelyn Wears a Tiara, Promises End, Ain't No Weather Fouler, We Swimmers, the Guest List, A Winter's Tale (Sturk Version).

Here are some of the jams:

DBD - Ain't No Weather Fouler

the Long Eye - Comeback Kid

Palmyra - Cold Coffee


Patient to Patient

The Life Like cassette label recently released a cassette from Patient to Patient, Ryan's solo project.  Limited edition so hustle over here to get one.  I spent two weeks casually tracking down a cassette player (an old walkman, speaking of the 90s) and then hovered in its awesomeness over night.


GSW to the Heart

So good tonight.  Damn, I love the Gramercy Theater.

Hail to the 90s.

feel the barv

Our lovely writer/blogger friends have pointed out a typo in the DBD Grey Buried press release.  They are right, that is unacceptable.  And we are sorry.  There should be way more than one typo in a DBD press release.

Dis BAmd is aweone.  They like drinkong.  No one can touch the, I want all the tequila! What? I'm at work? No way! Tequila! Drunken Bat Dunce, yes.

The flat dance buster improv musc ist far from planted.  Feel the daily rules passed over live got music for.  Just pretension dollar amounts nil.

feel the barv!


100 outside, 90s over here..

Blessed are we who saw 90s music the first go'round.  Last night I caught Unrest at Maxwell's in Hoboken.  So stripped down and angular and confident without the bombast.  DBD could learn a thing.  The next two weekends it's God Street Wine.  I've had my season pass for this reunion train ever since Fred and I caught the Lemonheads do It's A Shame About Ray a few years back...

Some Unrest for your heat wave: