Honey High High Honey

I've been thinking about sisters.  Born together in heavy times.  Weaving gold into shadows.  Forging forward to honey highs.  Trading saviors for stagehands.  Freedom sleeps with a hazy smile.  Fear's a spice in your cabinet.  Love's a riptide.  Jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, bed-hopping, live starry-eyed.  Coal-walking, own your own time.  Take twelve hours for a four hour ride.

Our jam, Honey High, came out last week on ITAV records.  Check it out and the awesome songs by Flatfoot and Sleepy Timmy and Aly Rose that share the 3 song digital EP.  

On release, Ryan was convinced that Honey High sounded familiar and upon researching found this quote with respect to Neil Young's seminal On the Beach:

"Throughout the recording of the album, Young and his fellow musicians consumed a homemade concoction dubbed "Honey Slides", a goop of sauteed marijuana and honey that "felt like heroin". This may account for the mellow mood of the album, particularly the second half of the LP."

No connection.  Really.