upscale tiki

This cold snap simply busted me.  So tonight I found solace at the Hurricane Club, a new-ish upscale tiki bar.  Nice room, diverse drink menu. Great bartenders.  Solid in vibe all around.  First drink was top notch.  Rum, pineapple and curry.  Hell yes.  The next two solid, but not as good.  And I feel surprisingly lucid after 3 drinks in glasses with faces.  This wouldn't happen at Painkiller.  

Anyone seen this before?  The health department came into the restaurant, so the bar removed all coconuts, fruit, fresh juice, and basically anything else that makes a bar interesting.  Or tiki.  Go ahead and order a vodka tonic, sir, the cool shit is clamped down for now.

The bartenders were suitably apologetic and comp'd us and everyone around at least one round.  And I am sure there is some risk reward analysis that makes this the right move.  Because sometimes regulators do suck.  Like when you're freezing and need a rum punch...