TOUR PRACTICE, pt 1. (Sleepytown)

When I joined Drunken Barn Dance in 2008, I signed up for a lifestyle and don't think for one red second that it is not a lifestyle that I take seriously. I drink hard and I dance in barns even harder. With the upcoming release of the full-band debut, Grey Buried, and the impending tour to support it, I decided to step things up and challenge myself, so in February of this year, I found a couple to sublease my apartment and decided to start practicing the touring lifestyle without actually touring. The couple that took over my lease never actually changed the electric and gas bills over to their names, but I decided to ignore that fact because that's what I would do if I were on tour. TOUR PRACTICE!

Top Five TOUR PRACTICE! Sleeping Spaces:
5. Under the bushes in the park over by Third Street in Ann Arbor
4. Matt Jones's living room couch
3. In a house I lived in a couple of years ago, lovingly called the Franch, on a couch with cushions that remind me of over-cooked French toast
2. Under the stars in the parking lot of Ypsilanti's finest liquor store, The Keg
1. In my white Le Baron convertible (It has sexy red interior, which makes it the perfect place for tour practice because, as anyone who has toured before will tell you, touring is the sexiest time of all for anyone ever.)

I encourage comments and questions about the lifestyle I have chosen for the next episode of TOUR PRACTICE!. TOUR PRACTICE! CAPSLOCK.


  1. Perhaps the episode after this one should be about personal hygiene; as in, "degrees, levels or tiers of while on tour" and "where/how to get it when you've been sleeping under stairs, in convertibles and on couches that smell like over-cooked French toast." That'll likely be good practice too.

    That said, I have a spare bed, bathroom and shower in A2 should you need them after sleeping under bushes.


  2. Well said. I think that the next episode should describe the drinking component of your tour practice. Because I know you train to tour like a champion.